Kom-Emine is the longest tourist route in Bulgaria. It crosses the country from the western to the eastern point of the so-called Old Mountain. Kom-Emine is a legendary route. Many people say they hold the record – 5 days, 7 days, 20 days. It’s like the time it takes to walk it through measures how much someone has overcame his survival instinct.

In fact it usually takes about 20-25 days to hike the distance of 600 km and 14 600 m alltitude. In August 2014 Kiril Nikolov - Disl is going after a new record – to finish the challenge in less than 5 days.

The distance is not the most important thing that he is going to accomplish. The real challenge is the journey that will help him get to know his own strengths and weaknesses, and what is really pushing him go further. Getting out of his comfort zone, out in the wild, makes people really appreciate life.


Kiril Nikolov - Disl is one of the most rewarded orienteer in Bulgaria. At the age of 32, he is about to face the toughest challenge in his professional career. To run from Kom to Emine for less than 5 days. For the first time Kiril will find himself out of his comfort zone, not knowing whether he is gonna be able to complete the challenge or not. He will have to run for about 120 km every day, 5 days in a row. The distance of 120 km is insane, but when you do it for 5-6 days in a row it is absolute madness. As he says “It was about time for mе to face that challenge. I wanted to reach my limits, to see if I am strong enough. I wanted to see if I am able to overcome my survival instinct.”


Natalia has been coaching Disl since 2003. She is personally responsible for both his successes and failures. She believes her most important role as a coach is to prepare her athletes for the life after all the competitions are over. “She believes in me so much, because I am one of the few people who can overcome the natural survival instinct. Natalia is my best friend and my mentor.” sais Kiril. During the Kom-Emine challenge, Natalia managed to support any change in Kirils’ physical condition with an alternative solution.

DIMITAR DIMITROV / Organizer and producer

Being an organizer of the biggest adventure competition in Bulgaria – XcoAdventure Cup, Dimitar is one of the leading figures in adventure races. He was responsible for organizing the previous challenge of Disl – “5 peaks”. That’s the moment when Dimitar learned to appreciate the madness of Kiril, and since then he takes personally everything that Kiril does. Besides keeping Kiril alive and healthy, his main responsibilities were to share his strength, to run by his side, or just be a supportive friend. Dimitar is a person who can see the big picture, which helped him react to the constant changing obstacles and to rewrite the tasks of the entire team.

VENTSI VENEV / Team member

For most people Ventzi is as an eccentric millionaire. Maybe because he has the unique ability to appreciate the simple things in life. “He’s a serious business man, but he is able to get on the snowcat and clean up the streets himself if he has to.”, says Kiril. During the Kom-Emine challenge, Ventzi supports both the team and Kiril, providing transportation and supplies to any point in the mountain. Unfortunately, he often finds himself lost in the forest with a broken car.


Krasi is responsible for the safety of the entire team. His experience in Mountain Security Services, and as part of the team organizing XCo adventure challenges help him to stay calm even in the toughest moments. Being the eldest in the team, he often brought up the necessary strength, wisdom and strategic thinking.

DIMITRINA SIVKOVA / Personal kinesi/physiotherapist

Dimitrina has been the personal physiotherapist of Kiril during the last 2 years. Despite her responsibilities to her newly born child, she joined the team after reading about Kiril’s condition. “I didn’t ask her to come because she just gave birth to a child. But she came without even asking. I guess she felt sorry for me”, says Disl. Her professionalism wasn’t the only thing that inspired Kiril. With her lovely smile and an endless positive attitude made him believe everything is possible. “In the middle of Kom-Emine, when Didi arrived, I was terrified, I though my career was over. But Didi came to me, and said “Relax, this isn’t something we cannot fix in a month.” She gave me her word and for me that was enough. Everything was going to be OK.

STILIANA DIMOVA / Kinesitherapist

Having a masters degree in physiotherapy, Stiliana is the youngest member of the team. She’s been a fan of orienteering for ages, but she had a more personal reason to join the team. Sliana’s grandfather experienced the Kom-Emine challenge first hand in 1955 as part of the Second National hike. He passed away recently and in honor of his memory Stiliana joined the team as the physiotherapist who


The President of the Bulgarian Orienteering Federation has been a fan of Kiril for years. He’s been very proud for having an orienteering athlete taking these challenges which makes him really emotional about Kom-Emine. Although he’s almost 70 years old, the former athlete and coach followed Kiril throughout the entire route. He shared his courage and wisdom with the younger members of the team. Prof. Atanas Georgiev is a respected teacher, and has twice been а Vice Minister for Sports.



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